Key customers

Customers included the power, steel, glass, chemical, papermaking and incineration industries and gases measured included ammonia, hydrogen chloride and mercury as well as the usual regulated gas emissions. With the help of a GRAD Award 2006 to 2009, he introduced laser spectroscopy as an analytical method.


After some experience with the then Central Electricity Generating Board on gas analysis and combustion controls at Marchwood Engineering Laboratories and on power plants, he then worked for the UK’s manufacturer of infrared detectors (now Selex sensors and airborne systems). He was then employed at the Warren Spring Laboratory and worked on photometric analysis methods including attenuated total reflection, laser systems and FTIR. During this time he did a number of trials of these analysers on chemical plants. His next position was as development manager for Telsec Process Analysers Ltd who developed and sold a range of infrared, ultra violet, liquid and gas analyser systems, especially for the steel and chemical industries.


In order to develop a new in-situ stack gas analyser concept, a start-up company, Procal Analytics Ltd, was set up by Chris Daw and Robin with venture capital backing in 1985 with operations from Jan 1986. This company developed the in-situ infrared gas analyser through several editions and has supplied international chemical and power companies. A complete range of photometric analysis products, systems and signal processing equipment was developed over a 25-year period during which Robin was the Technical Director. Methods used include gas filter correlation, diode array and laser spectroscopy. The company focused on continuous emission monitoring and it placed a strong emphasis on the reliability and practicality of its products. Approvals such as CENELEC, ATEX, MCERTS, ISO 9001 and IEC Ex were gained and extended.

1990's and beyond

Procal Analytics Ltd became part of the Canongate Group, formed in 1996 by a management buyout in which Robin took part. In 2010, after a sale of assets, Kittiwake Procal was founded and he became a technical consultant to them trading as RJH Development. Robin has written a number of papers on process analytical spectroscopy /emission monitoring subjects. His hand-on experience includes in-situ probes, optics, data analysis, chemometrics, approvals and on-site work.