Curriculum Vitae

1962 to 1965 B.Sc. in Chemistry and Physics, University of Southampton

1965 to 1967 M.Sc (Eng) Gas Dynamics and Gas Physics, University of Southampton

1966 to 1969 Research Officer, Marchwood Engineering Laboratories

1969 to 1972 Development Engineer, electro-optical devices, Mullard (Philips) Southampton Works

1972 M. Inst P, C. Phys.

1972 to 1979 Senior Scientific Officer, Warren Spring Laboratory, Stevenage

1972 to 1985 Development Manager, Telsec Process Analysers Ltd, Peterborough

1985-2010 Technical Director, Procal Analytics, Peterborough (Procal Analytics Ltd was the subject of a management buyout from Scottish Courage Ltd in September 1996).

2010 - present Technical consultant, Kittiwake Procal Ltd.

External Work

Technical committee that initiated the MCERTS UK gas analyser approval scheme Gambica and Source Testing Association activities Various conference presentations LINK award project leader 2001 – 2004


In gas and liquid analysis, also water vapor generation.vice.png"